I'm Brian. I love creating & making out of my small shop in Vancouver, BC. I have been working with metal for 17 years. When I was 15, I bought my first CNC Milling Machine and started machining small metal parts for bikes, cars and airplanes. Later, I went on to gain experience as a draftsman, machinist, and gear cutter in several shops around Vancouver. My skills as a machinist, love of metal and precision drive me to create things and share them with you.

The idea for a Pen came to me last year after trying to figure out what I should do with some left over aluminum. Since then, I have introduced brass and copper into the mix, launched several successful Kickstarters and shipped a couple thousand of pens all over the world.   

Although the pen is currently my biggest project, I have a lot of ideas which I intend on sharing with you in the near future. Stay tuned and happy writing!