Click Pen Prototypes

Click Pen Prototypes

Click pen are ready to go. I have spent a really long time fine tuning and getting this new mechanism to work super nice. I have made a small batch today that I want to sell to in order to get feedback and so that I can trouble shoot any problems with the manufacturing process. 



Great Pen ,
Design is amazing along with the finish it writes like a dream !

Tyler French

Best customer service, best pens, the best!!!
Very happy with all my automog pens, they are sensational and highly recommended!

Mr J.Ribchester

I’d be interested in the click pen trial.

John Toran

I love the look of your pens! Would love to gift myself one at Christmas. Will you have more stock anytime soon??

Roshan Patel

Hello! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the products you’re putting out! They look beautiful from what I see on your site. I’m just starting to get into the world of pens and unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to buy a machined pen just yet, but you can be sure that when I do, I will be buying one of yours. Anyways, I just wanted to drop a comment and let you know to keep up the good work! I can’t wait and see what projects you have coming out in the future :)



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