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40 Clipless Click Pen - 6061 Aluminum - Conical Nose - Pilot G2

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Please note there is a limit of one item per customer for this release. 

Bright and shiny raw 6061 Aluminum design with minimal design elements.  A single 0.40" (10.16mm) diameter grip conical nose section The mechanism comes equipped with stainless steel balls. 

Includes all of the improvements from previous versions. Pinch the mechanism between your index finger and thumb to retract the mechanism with a satisfying snap. The click and return is very solid and super satisfying. Tolerances, fit and finish for the mechanism are very close.

Tip point details are very clean with an excellent tight fitting 2.5mm diameter bore and a tolerance of just 25 micron to keep the refill tip exactly in place.

Higbee thread start to the pen body to make the thread action for replacing the refill better.

This version is 5.35" (135.89 mm) long, 0.40" (10.16mm) in diameter, and 19.99g (0.70oz)