Hello and thanks for tuning in.

This is a very rough first look of a new pen design. This new pen is going to have a narrower form and a one piece body, instead of having a separate tip piece. This prototype has a longer top piece, that I think is a bit too long and I am thinking about changing the angle or shape of the tip to a more classic form that is longer. I would love to get some feedback about how you would like to see this new version turn out.

This version will very likely be able to have a Pilot G2 version and could be designed for other refill formats. What refill standard is your favorite?

I have been using my rescued Hardinge lathe that I have repaired to working condition to make these prototype pieces, as well as the other aluminum pen parts which now have an improved surface finish. I am really enjoying using this machine, having a turret with more tools and an overall better quality machine makes the new parts even nicer.

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