Shiny Stubby Fat Pen is true to it's namesake - short and wide.

  • Dimensions: 4-3/4" Length, just under 1/2" in diameter
  • Weight:  44.00g
  • Precision machined metal pen made from 101 grade copper which is 99.99% pure and antimicrobrial along with lightweight durable aluminum
  • Clean machined finishes right off of the machine
  • Double start screw top raises and lowers the pen tip quickly and securely 
  • Comes with a very smooth writing Parker style Schmidt P9000 EasyFlow
  • Parker refills fit very snug in the tip leaving no room for the nose to slop around in the pen
  • Aluminum Tip, Copper Body, Aluminum Top
  • This pen has the same clean & minimal look as the all single metal pens, with the added flare of using two different metals
  • I will stand by every pen

Aluminum Copper Aluminum





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