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36 Click Pen - 6Al-4V - Pilot G2 - Round Nose - C110 Copper Clip

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I have made a new batch of click pens this time with some serious improvements and a round nose for the Pilot G2 refill.

 Made out of the very hard, tough, and scratch resistant 6Al-4V titanium with a contrasting C110 Copper Clip (99.9% pure).

Comes equipped with an Pilot G2 0.5mm refill.

The click and return is incredibly good on this version. The return button is much easier to press with the soft part of your thumb.

Cap threads have been lengthened and made coarser for more strength. Higbee blunt start is cleaner and more crisp.

Tip point details have been refined with a machined chamfer and clean facing.

Button details are exceptionally clean with finer facing pass and tighter fit. 

Clip design is improved with a tighter fitting gap.

Tip bore is super tight fitting and the refill has no discernible wiggle 

This version is 5.28" (134.1mm) long, 0.36" (9.1mm) in diameter, and 28.1g (0.99 oz)