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36 Click Pen - C110 Pure Copper Body - 6061 Aluminum Clip - Round Nose - Schmidt 9000 M ISO G2 (Parker)

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Made out of the incredibly beautiful pure 99.9% C110 copper and 6061 Aluminum. Raw machined copper looks unlike anything else but is very difficult to machine. Copper can be maintained shiny, or let to achieve a patina that shows the signs of its use. A single 0.36" (9.14mm) diameter grip and a rounded nose section. 

No batching ensures all of the parts fit perfectly together. Unparalleled warranty to ensure that you are entirely happy with fit, function and finish. The clip takes an excessive six individual operations to create a unique one piece clip and click mechanism.

Tip bore drill is aligned and offset with great care and is machined to a tolerance of just 0.001" or 25 micron to hold the tip of the Schimdt 9000 perfectly without any wiggle. Solid material is drilled out with a carbide drill perfectly true over an extreme diameter to depth radio, in order to fit the refills tightly without rattle.

Click the button down and then return it by pinching the mechanism between your fingers, and the button will snap back. Threading has a high quality higbee start to make replacing the refill super easy.

This version is 4.84" (123mm) long, 0.36" (9.1mm) in diameter, and 38.90 g (1.37 oz)

Comes equipped with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 M ISO G2 (Parker)