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38 Brass - Brass Clip - Rollerball (Pilot G2)

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I just made a new small batch of these 38 pens without the grip grooves and I think they look amazing. Made from my new favorite material 464 Naval Brass. This material is incredible. It is very tough, hard to scratch, doesn't tarnish, and has an incredible appearance.  Decent heft to the body enough to make the pen feel substantial but not overly heavy in the pocket. Clean machined finishes straight off of the machines, made one at a time and I pay very close attention to the tolerances and surface finishes. 5-1/2" (140mm) long and 0.36" (9.1mm) in diameter. 39g (1.38oz) in weight. Super durable triple start screw mechanism. Carbide drill makes the hole in the tip at very precise tolerance of 25 micron. Rollerball style refills fit very snug in the tip leaving no room for the refill to click around in the pen. Comes with a very smooth writing Pilot G2 style metal body Schmidt 5888. I ran out of nylon tip set screws for the clips so this brass clip tops this pen off with a cup point set screw.