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40 Clipless Click Pen - 6061 Aluminum - Conical Nose - Schmidt P8126 Refill

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New to this version I am adding an O-ring bumper to all of the pens that softens the return kickback to a nice thump. 0.40" body diameter with the same diameter mechanism. Includes all of the improvements from previous versions plus a few new ones. Retract mechanism is easier to push. The spring rate is more preferable for a slightly larger diameter mechanism. The knock back effect from the main spring has been reduced with more room allowed for spring at the end of the body.

The 6061 Aluminum clipless mechanism, is bright and smooth. There is a tight fit between the button stanchion and the mechanism body making it more resistant to binding from pressing the button on an angle. Improved mechanism button chamber features making button action even smoother. There is now a single detent track that improves the button bias depending on which side of the button is facing forward. Larger refill chamber to more properly fit variation and relative angle between the tip piece and the body in the Pentel refills. Proper allowance for the refill and spring and mechanism is able to operate very smoothly, without the rough action of the refill and spring translating to the button.

Made entirely out of  the bright 6061 Aluminum. A single 0.40" (10.16mm) diameter grip, conical nose section and grip grooves. The mechanism comes equipped with clear borosilicate balls. Tip details are extremely tight with a small land between the refill, and the conical section.

Minimal and clean design coupled with the Schmidt P8126 0.6mm refill. This refill is equipped with a Ruby ball and is extremely smooth and creates a consistent jet black line. This is a proper rollerball refill, full ink with a year cap off dry time. 

Pinch the mechanism between your index finger and thumb to retract the mechanism with a satisfying snap. The click and return is very solid and super satisfying. Tolerances, fit and finish for the mechanism are very close.

Tip point details are very clean with an excellent tight fitting 2.5mm diameter bore and a tolerance of just 25 micron to keep the refill tip exactly in place.

Higbee thread start to the pen body to make the thread action for replacing the refill better.

This version is 4.85" (123.2 mm) long, 0.40" (10.16mm) in diameter, and 19.1g (0.67oz)

Pens will ship over the next few days. Hopefully there are more to accommodate the demand. Thank you again!