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*PRE-ORDER* 36 Click Pen - 6Al-4V Titanium - ISO G2 (Parker) Refill - Step Nose - 6Al-4V Titanium Clip

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Second of a series of pre orders for the very popular all titanium designs. I am investing in expanding my production capacity in order to deliver more of these pens to satisfy the strong demand. As part of the improvements the fit and finishes will be enhanced with new tools and production fixtures. Please email me your requests for styles and refills for future titanium pre orders. Aluminum designs will be offered for immediate sale as part of the setup and refining process. The orders for this design will be shipped no later than November 15th.

Made one at a time from solid 6Al-4V Titanium. A single 0.36" (9.14mm) diameter grip and a stepped nose section. The mechanism comes equipped this time with a black silicone nitride ball. Tip details will be the tightest yet, with the smallest land between the refill and the cone tip profile. 

Clip has been refined to be smoother and will hold onto thinner materials and will flex more to accommodate thicker materials. 

Made out of the very hard and tough 6Al-4V titanium with a matching clip.

Comes equipped with an ISO G2 style Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 M (Parker) refill.

Pinch the mechanism between your index finger and thumb to retract the mechanism with a satisfying snap. The click and return is excellent on this version. 

Higbee thread start to pen body to make the thread action for replacing the refill better.

Tip point details are very clean with an excellent tight fitting 0.100+0.001" tip bore. Refill has no discernible wiggle 

Button details are exceptionally clean with finer facing pass and tighter fit. 

This version is 4.84" (123mm) long, 0.36" (9.1mm) in diameter, and 23.67g (0.83 oz)